It’s not every interview that gets interrupted by the birth of a band member’s child, but that’s what happened when I sat down with most of the fellows from Seattle indie-band-on-the-verge Ivan & Alyosha. Ivan & Alyosha band member Pete Wilson was excused from the proceedings as he was literally on the verge of becoming a first time dad. All the band members were excited and nervous throughout the intimate interview and performance, but none more than Pete’s brother (and expectant dad himself) Tim Wilson. We let Tim keep his cellie on as we talked about fatherhood, “family-hood”, tour tricks and treats, and Russian Literature freaks on the afternoon of Ivan & Alyosha’s sold out Seattle show to celebrate the release of their first full length album, All The Times We Had. New album, new tour, and by the time the interview was over, a brand new baby boy welcomed happily and healthily into the world: Lennon Wilson! Hear the full interview and 4 exclusive, acoustic tracks from this band on the verge of only good things:



Me & The Boys Getting Bookish

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